• Mobile Client Adapter for the new STARFACE Client for BlackBerry®
    More Information at wiki.starface.de
  • Web interface:
    • Dutch localisation
    • Faster perfomance of call lists
    • Standardized lists for calls , faxes and voicemails
    • New dialog for checking voicemails

  • Phone support:
    • Logging in and off for groups via phone menu
    • Provisioning of TipTel 280, 284 and 286 by automatic phone search
    • Copying of function keys to TipTel 280, 284 and 286
    • Supporting Aastra6739i in automatic phone search
    • Supporting Grandstream up to firmware 1.2.2 in automatic phone search
    • Voice notification on outgoing calls, if phone is not assigned to any user


  • Integration of Sirrix driver 091119
  • Complete call functionality (signalling/call lists/Callmanager/integrations) for Module "Gruppe mit Warteschlange"
  • Removed a bug occasionally preventing XMPP service from restarting
  • Improved watchdog for SIP service
  • Bugfix for occasional misinterpretation of local external numbers as numbers of the PBX
  • Ringing strategy Callhunting takes now into account when group members have disabled call waiting
  • Correct updating of the voicemail indicator on user logout on the phone
  • Now the prefix for outgoing lines is also used in interconnections
  • Improved stability and performance of the UCI results in less Verbindungsabbrüche des STARFACE Client for Windows
  • Fix for a bug breaking fax transmission via WinClient
  • Several fixes related to call signalling in both Callmanager and function keys

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