• One-touch autoprovisioning for Openstage phones
    More informationen at wiki.starface.de
  • Saving of preferences for cal list, fax list and voicemail list in the web interface
  • Auto-detection and configuration of the new Sirrix PCI4S0ec ISDN card
  • Detection of and support for the next generation of STARFACE PRO and STARFACE ADVANCED appliances


  • Ringing strategy Callhunting now recognizes disabled call waiting of group members
  • The function keys of the web interface display the correct call number again for called contacts
  • The redial list of the Callmanager is correctly updating now when reopening the window
  • Mobile integrations (UCI 2.1) now can dial call numbers containing whitespaces
  • Mobile integrations (UCI 2.1) now can set redirections to voicemail boxes with German umlauts in their name
  • Enhanced reliability of the module "Gruppe mit Warteschlange" in combination with Windows shared folders
  • Further minor bugfixes

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