• Integration of Sirrix driver 100503:
    • Solving a compatibility issue with some interal ISDN devices.
    • Fixing DTMF signal blocking speech transmission with calls bridged over two ISDN channels.
  • Solving an issue of assigning incoming calls to wrong callee
  • Specific local area numbers could only be dialed with a line prefix
  • Function keys may now be copied to the phone even if auto-provisioning is disabled
  • Setting internal call numbers with four ciphers is now working
  • Mobile integrations (UCI 2.1) now place calls reliably when general line setting has prefix
  • Auto-detection and configuration of Polycom SoundPoint BootRom 4.2.1 and higher
  • Call strategy "Last Recent" now working properly with module "Gruppe mit Warteschlange"
  • Please note: This update may change the order of multiple identical Sirrix cards. Please check the line settings in the configuration!

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