• The head numbers of Austrian ISDN extensions can now get called without manual configuration.
  • Configuration with more than 1000 internal call numbers are now supported


  • Integration of Sirrix driver 101216
    • Solves an issue which caused occasional disfunction of outgoing phone calls on some ISDN lines
    • Provides configuration of automized measures for line errors

  • Updated Linux kernel fixes occasional system crashing, especially in conjunction with Windows shares
  • Fixes the rare scenario in which external callers could get connected unintentionally over PBX Interconnection.
  • Deletion of voicemails will no longer delete the corresponding call list entries
  • Fix for Toplink Euroflat CH2/CH4 configuration which blocked incoming calls
  • Solves an issue causing wrong voicemail entries for external callers in call lists
  • Fix for faulty naming of voicemail attachments
  • In the module Call-Hunting-Hotline every caller was able to transfer calls.
  • This update will not replace customized default MOH sound files with the original MOH

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