• Zero-Touch autoprovisioning of TipTel 286, 284 and 280 phones
  • Firmware update to version V2R1.16.0 for Siemens OpenStage phones by autoprovisoning
  • CallerID update on Siemens OpenStage phones after successful call forwarding
  • Firmware update to version 8.4.21 for snom phones by autoprovisoning
  • Gruppe mit Warteschlange: The display widget no longer shows other modules
  • More appropiate filenames for better archiving of fax and voicemail attachments
  • Added module function SFtpStore for copying files by SFTP
  • Added module function SendDTMF2 for playing DTMF tones


  • Solves an issue by which ISDN phones couldn't place calls over the browser interface or by UCI
  • Sets the EHLO hostname for E-Mails over SMTP to the value given in admin interface
  • Fixes a bug which caused login problems for single users after addressbook imports
  • The settings for the STUN server are now stored properly again
  • Solves an issue by which busy callers could not be called over the function keys
  • Restores the call number display in the function keys
  • Improved performance and reliability of the database on multiple concurrent accesses
  • The SIP profile "Gigaset DECT" now offers auto-answering calls on Gigaset devices

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