• PBX functions:
    • Configuration of function keys by drag&drop in the web interface
    • Optional limitation of recording time for voicemails per voicemail box
    • Optional setting per voicemail box for announcements without leaving messages
    • Provisioning with 2.0 Beta4 firmware for BeroFix cards
    • Support of hardware watchdog in Enterprise Appliance
  • Phone provisioning:
    • Firmware update V60 for Tiptel improves stability and support for KD 39 key extension
    • Firmware update for Gigaset DECT to version 2227 increases interoperability with G722
  • Please check the compatibility of your Modules with STARFACE 4.6:https://store.starface.de/shop/modul...serversion=4.6

  • Fixes erroneous behavior of "Redial on busy" (CCBS) occasionally causing calls to not get connected
  • Bugfix for "Redial on busy" (CCBS) not being offered as a call option when the call had been placed over the web interface
  • Detection of non-responding IAX modems and their restart increases reliability of "Software Fax" and "Software Fax 2 Mail"
  • Firmware provisioning for Tiptel phones will now be run over HTTP exclusively, resulting in greater stability of the devices during provisioning
  • Failed call attempts via UCI and Callmanager will now be detected after maximum 30 seconds, which especially improves the interaction of ISDN phones and CTI
  • Bugfix for fax transmission over UCI, where a prefix erroneously was added to the destination number
  • Fix for seamingly deleted voicemails which still could get played though

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