• PBX Functions:
    • Integration of SIP provider profile "QSC IPfonie extended"
    • Integration of SIP provider profile "Xpirio VoIP Connect SIP" (Austria)
    • Profile "Sipgate Team" renamed as "Sipgate trunking"

  • Phone Provisioning:
    • Update of Tiptel firmware V60 for improved stability and reliability
    • Support for Tiptel devices IP282 und IP28xs
    • The system language of Tiptel devices gets now provisioned according to the language preferences of the primary user
    • Autoprovisioning of up to 6 SIP accounts on Gigaset DECT base N510 IP PRO
    • Firmware update for Gigaset DE900 IP PRO and DE700 IP PRO to v01.01.01

  • Module System:
    • Function GroupQueue adjusted for "Gruppe mit Warteschlange" version 5xx
    • Gruppe mit Warteschlange 5xx: Call placement now also takes idle times of agents into account, who work in multiple Queue Groups
    • Gruppe mit Warteschlange 5xx: Concurrent placement of multiple calls to idle agents with ringing strategy 'least recent'
    • Gruppe mit Warteschlange 5xx: New XML-RPC interface provides remote access to protocol data

  • Please check the compatibility of your Modules with STARFACE 4.6:


  • Bulk import of large numbers of user accounts from CSV files now works perfectly again
  • STARFACE phone menus on Tiptel devices run reliably again even in case of forced HTTPS
  • Autoprovisioning of Gigaset devices DE900 IP PRO and DE700 IP PRO even in case of forced HTTPS
  • The setting "Firmware update" is now considered with all Gigaset devices
  • Provisioning of Gigaset devices now treats umlauts correctly
  • Changes of contacts in the LDAP address book are now transfered correctly again
  • Solves an issue by which participants of a terminated phone conference turned and remained unavailable
  • Bugfix for the search input of the Callmanager showing outdated name entries
  • Managed conferences can now automatically dial call numbers beginning with "+"
  • Fixed a flaw in the call placement which caused occassional rejects of outgoing calls with some SIP providers
  • The line configuration now gets stored properly again after realigning PCI cards

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