• Downgrade of Tiptel-Firmware due to sporadic missing audio after call-waiting in later firmware version


  • Enables provisioning of function keys including soft-label for snom 820/821 telephones
  • Display of umlaut- and special-characters on function keys of snom 820/821/870 telephones fixed
  • Fixes multiple issues with fax-downloads in the web interface
  • Fixes an issue in the setup of Polycom conference telephones
  • Autoprovisioned phones keep their registration after renaming the telephone name in the admin interface
  • Call forwarding settings of other users are now displayed correctly in the web interface with Internet Explorer 8 and 9
  • Changing the assignment of Number-to-Telephone in user properties is now reliable
  • Changing the setting "Ask for confirmation before deleting entries in this window" is now reliable
  • Enhanced reliability of starting and calling a scheduled conference via web interface
  • Fixed a display issue in the admin interface if the admin user did not have proper priviledges for user settings
  • Fixed a bug in the UCI interface, resulting in mixed-up caller and callee after a connect event
  • Call-Task in the web interface now closes reliably after blind-transfer of an external outgoing call
  • Call-Task in the web interface now closes reliably after transfer of a call that was held before
  • Fixes a problem with the module function "TextToSpeech"
  • Beep on transfer is now enabled for transfer after consultation call via SIP telephone
  • Redudancy-Module: The standby system does not overwrite configuration of OpenStage devices after restart anymore

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