• Existing modules cannot be run with this version. Please check the availability of your deployed modules and upgrade them accordingly after updating the system. Then, built-in modules may get downloaded over the new integrated update mechanism. Whereas modules created by users will have to be opened and saved once again in the Module Designer after the system update!
    • Automatic updates for modules in the STARFACE administration interface
    • Update search for built-in / purchased Modules for each available STARFACE Version
    • Module update integrated in the system update process
    • Support for Modules purchased over a license document
    • Easy installation of purchased Modules by input of license keys
    • The function EMailGet now also can handle self-signed certificates

    PBX Functions:
    • Initiation of Ad-hoc conferences with caller and all calls on hold by dialing *3 during a call
    • Picture-CLIP: Display of user avatars on inbound calls on supported devices Gigaset DE700 / DE 900, Snom 720 / 760 / 820 / 821 / 870, Yealink T32 / T38
    • New function key type for switching the outbound signalled call number via BLF keys
    • Users with disabled call waiting indication (CWI) will now be busy from the very call placement, inbound calls will no longer be routed
    • The entire web interface as well as all announcements are now available in French

    User Interface:
    • Call numbers in the call list can now be marked by double click for copy and paste
    • The phone selection for call placement has been removed for users with only one phone device

    Administration Interface:
    • Viewing and setting group forwardings can now be controlled by a dedicated user right setting
    • Passwords of provider lines (SIP passwords) will no longer be displayed as plain text
    • The list of phone devices can now also be searched by assigned users
    • Hardware-Echo-Cancellation for new ISDN lines is now enabled by default, if applicable
    • The IP address used for a PBX interconnection can now be set on PBXs with multiple network interfaces
    • The server address for phone provisioning can now be configured in the autoprovisioning settings
    • The license overview has been divided for server and module licenses

    Phone Provisioning:
    • One-Touch provisioning for Aastra SIP devices of the 675x and 673x series incl. phone search and STARFACE phone menus
    • Zero-Touch provisioning for Alcatel devices Temporis IP200, IP600 and IP800 incl. phone search and STARFACE phone menus
    • Zero-Touch provisioning for Yealink devices T20P, T22P, T26P, T28P, T32P and T38P incl. phone search and STARFACE phone menus
    • Zero-Touch provisioning for Snom 720 and 780 devices incl. phone search and STARFACE phone menus
    • One-Touch provisioning for Panasonic KX-UT1xx series and KX-UT670 device
    • Zero-Touch provisioning for Gigaset N720 PRO Multicell-Dect solution
    • Integrated firmware for Aastra phones version v3.2.2.2044 bzw. v3.2.2.6038
    • Integrated firmware for Alcatel phones versions,,
    • Integrated firmware for Panasonic phones versions UT11x12x-01.081_HW1, UT13x-01.081_HW1, UT670_01.023
    • Integrated firmware for Yealink phones versions,,,,,
    • Integrated firmware for Snom 720 / 780 version
    • Integrated firmware for Gigaset N720 DECT-Bases version v35
    • Firmware update for Gigaset DE700 / DE900 devices to version v01.01.14
    • Firmware update for Gigaset DE310 / DE410 devices to version v01.00.08
    • Firmware update for Gigaset N510 DECT-Bases to version v51
    • Firmware update for Snom 300,320,360,370,820,821 and 871 to version 8.4.35
    • Firmware update for Tiptel devices to versions,,,,
    • Lists in STARFACE phone menus are now displayed unnumbered
    • Template for printing BLF labels of Aastra phones
    • Template for printing BLF labels of Panasonic phones
    • Template for printing BLF labels of Siemens OpenStage 15
    • Improved template for printing BLF labels of Snom phones
    • Short date and time format in the call list of the STARFACE phone menu

    Update of core components:
    • Update of the Linux kernel with updated network drivers
    • Update of Asterisk Business Edition solves issues with receiving faxes over QSC
    • Update of DAHDI driver to version
    • Update of the JavaVM to Version 1.6.0_31


  • Avatars of function keys now get displayed properly in Internet Explorer 9
  • User passwords may now include the '§' character
  • The status indication for lines now also works reliably with multiple cards of the same type within one line
  • The call order of group members persists throughout logging in and off via *3
  • Voicemail lists again show entries for which have a call list entry no longer exists
  • The country setting for call number format and ring-tones used by the autoprovisioning is now according to the country setting of the line configuration and not the user language
  • The outside line prefix on inbound signalled numbers persists also with forwarded calls
  • The addressbook view of contacts requested over LDAP now can also be ordered by name and forename
  • The call number format with an additional '9' between country and area code for imported numbers gets processed correctly with the provider SipCall
  • The display of server certificates now gets clipped if the contents is too large to fit in the window. A double-click will open them for a complete view in a pop-up window
  • Groups on function keys are no longer green but gray if they?ve no users logged on
  • Users on function keys are no longer green but gray as long as there?s none of their phones ringing
  • Autoprovisioning of Gigaset devices now also works reliably in cases with no device provisioned in ten days
  • Blocked UCI clients no longer prevent sending server events to other UCI clients
  • iFMC now shows correct CLIP for users on a remote interconnection PBX if the outbound line supports CLIP No Screening
  • Failed call attempts to iFMC devices get terminated properly
  • The Callmanager of the user interface responds reliably to calls transferred from and answered on an iFMC device
  • ISDN phones on Digium B410P now work reliably after switching the configuration from an external to an internal port
  • The outside line prefix on inbound signalled numbers persists also with calls forwarded outbound, if the outgoing line supports 'CLIP no screening'
  • The caller number now gets signalled correctly on iFMC devices also with an outside line prefix set, if the outgoing line supports 'CLIP no screening'
  • The phone selection for call placement remains in position if its window?s height exceeds the viewport of the browser
  • Outbound calls to iFMC devices get terminated properly as soon as a call redirection sets in
  • Now the correct target number is shown when editing BLF function keys.
  • Call numbers in the redial list of the Callmanager now include the outside line prefix where neccessary.
  • The replay of voicemail announcements works again for users with more than one phone assigned.
  • Users calling with an ISDN phone over a Digium ISDN card now get indicated properly on BLF.

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