• PBX Functions:
    • Provisioning of Patton analog gateways of series SN4112/JS, SN4114/JS, SN4118/JS, SN4412/JS, SN4416/JS, SN4424/JS, SN4432/JS via phone scan
    • Provisioning of Grandstream analog adapters HT702 and HT704 via phone scan
    • Firmware version integration for Grandstream analog adapters HT702 and HT704
    • Firmware version R6.2_2012-09-11 integration for Patton analog gateways SN44xx and SN411x
    • Handsets on Gigaset N510 now also feature attended transfers by call hang-up
    • Firmware update for Gigaset DE700 / DE900 devices to version v02.00.04
    • Firmware update for Gigaset DE310 / DE410 devices to version v02.00.01
    • When logging in on an OpenStage phone the user?s function keys will be transferred automatically to the device. (Hot Desking BLF)


  • The group strategy "Call-Hunting" hands the call to the next user, if the group number doesn?t ring on any of the current user?s phones
  • The backup configuration on Windows Shares now supports user names containing space characters
  • The backup configuration on Windows Shares now supports hidden shared folders
  • Changing the password for Windows Shares in the backup configuration works reliably again
  • Conference scheduling accepts manual input of call numbers with three or more zeros
  • Conference scheduling now accepts input of arbitrary e-mail addresses
  • The template file for user imports can now still get downloaded after several weeks of system uptime
  • Greater reliability and performance of call operating with faulty configurations of the LDAP address book
  • Improved voice quality and reliability of call recording and call-brokering with G722 audio on several phones
  • Now, when set on hold by a remote party (ISDN over Digium B410P cards), the remote ? not the local ? MOH is played
  • When two B channels of a BRI on a Digium B410P card are busy, a third caller now gets rejected with "No circuit or channel available" instead of "Incompatible destination"
  • Further optimization of "Group with Waiting Queue", especially on extensive use of the agents GUI

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