• Firmware update for Gigaset N720 DECT base stations to version v68
  • Firmware update for Gigaset N510 DECT base stations to version v76
  • Update of JavaVM to version 1.6.0_43


  • Improves stability of Enterprise and Platinum appliances in combination with Digium B410P BRI interfaces
  • Improves reliability of Hot Desking function keys on Openstage devices in case the device is assigned to a new user via web frontend
  • Corrects a problem with wrong account information displayed on Openstage devices after autoprovisioning
  • ClickToDial works now reliable on Openstage devices if the device is manually renamed after successful autoprovisioning
  • The group strategy "Broadcast" works reliably in combination with Openstage devices
  • Calls from the server based addressbook on Gigaset devices now take the line prefix correctly into account

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