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Thema: Version Released 06/11/13

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    Standard Version Released 06/11/13


    • Important Note: This version cannot get installed by updating from STARFACE 5.3 or earlier and therefor will not be available for those systems. Systems of the model series SMALL BUSINESS APPLIANCE and PROFESSIONAL APPLIANCE - out of production since the end of 2008 - will no longer be supported from this version 5.5 on. The latest available version for these systems is STARFACE

      The update of the Linux operating system requires a completely fresh installation of the system. Before you install, please backup the system by download, e-mail or Windows share, and create an installation medium.

    • Linux OS Updates:
      • New Linux system 64bit based on CentOS 6.4
      • Updated Linux kernel to version 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64
      • Updated DAHDI driver to version 2.6.2 mit libpri 1.4.14
      • Updated Sirrix driver to version 120626
      • Updated Hylafax fax system to version 5.5.2
      • Updated Tomcat web server to version 6.0.24
      • Updated PostgreSQL database to version 8.4.13
      • Updated JavaVM to version 1.6.0_45

    • Installation/Initial Configuration:
      • Simplified system deployment by complete re-design of the system's initial configuration process
      • Optional system update in step 1 of the initial configuration
      • Backup restore in step 1 of the initial configuration for quick migration
      • Considerable reduction of required configuration steps to get a running new system
      • New option for installation on VMware

    • Browser Interface:
      • The applied HTML and Javascript have been completely restructured on basis of HTML5.
      • Compatibility with current browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Safari 6, Firefox 20, Chrome 26
      • Converting the voicemail player to HTML5 provides playing voicemails in all browsers.
      • The auto-search for system users in the Callmanager now shows all presence states.
      • The redesign configuration of the NTP service allows using multiple NTP sources.
      • The settings of the internal addressbook has been extended by a field for the federal state.
      • The IP addresses of Openstage devices in the phone configuration are now hyperlink via HTTPS.

    • PBX Functions:
      • Accelerated call initiation on inbound calls over ISDN by using number subranges in the line configuration
      • Automatic installation of VMware Tools after installing on VMware ESXI
      • Automatized management of the RAID system with e-mail notifications on new STARFACE Enterprise and Platinum appliances
      • Improved performance of RAID systems in legacy STARFACE Enterprise and Advanced Appliances
      • Several optimizations for running with SIP trunks, especially QSC and Patton

    • Module System:
      • Conversion of the logging mechanism from database to file system
      • Module instances now produce a maximum of 30 MB of log files.
      • Module instances only log events of the level set in the module configuration.
      • Windows shares will no longer be mounted within a module instance.

    • Phone Provisioning:
      • The autoprovisioning of Gigaset DECT bases c470 IP, C475 IP and S685 IP has been disabled.
      • Firmware update for Yealink devices to generation V70
      • Firmware update for Atlinks devices to generation V70
      • Firmware update for Gigaset N720 to version v69.1 for more dependable provisioning
      • Firmware update for Grandstream ATA HT702 and HT704 to version
      • Firmware update for Aastra phones to version, resp.
      • Provisioning for Polycom conference phones with firmware
      • Provisioning of maximum 20 keys per Yealink key extension
      • Provisioning of an unlimited number of Yealink EXP39 key extensions


    Modules using Windows shares no longer produce disproportionately large backup files.
    Backup import with alternate IP addresses now adopt the NTP settings again.
    Solved an issue which prevented editing datasets of LDAP addressbooks.
    Avatar image uploads larger than 3 MB now raise an error notification.
    Addressbook entries with call numbers containing '-' (minus) are now considered in the call number resolution.
    The list of voicemail boxes is now ordered by mailbox numbers.
    The integrated fax subsystem identifies itself to remote stations with 'STARFACE' and no longer with 'NothingSetup'.
    In order to avoid acoustic feedback, DTMF input will no longer be played on Snom Meetingpoint.

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