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Thema: Incomming calls not working, when outgoing well. CallManager <unknown> records

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    Standard [SOLVED] FritzBox and Incomming calls not working, when outgoing well.

    Had relocated Starface PBX from one ISDN line to other and cannot figgure out what the problem is come.
    The new connection comming from Fritz!Box 6360- FON S0 port.

    Line connected/configured
    For the test propose already One of the External Number assigned to the User.
    The Snom 370 device connected with User and Phone settings.

    Incomming call to PBX phone clients - the remote is dialing, but internal one is not ringing and possible get internal one work if setup In Lines Deposit Internal Number.
    [2013-10-02 09:31:13,895INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager newChannelEventRingchannel:Srx/g30-0x8471148,callerid:016094902389 
    2013-10-02 09:31:13,987INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager !!-- checking redialOnBusy affection by Chan ChanSrx/g30-0x8471148ring6, 016094902389: (016094902389-><unknown>), <unknown>: (->), -1trueasterisk-1380699073.3->d:, l:, -1, , (false-0):-> no 
    [2013-10-02 09:31:13,987INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager ChanSrx/g30-0x8471148ring6, 016094902389: (016094902389-><unknown>), <unknown>: (->), -1trueasterisk-1380699073.3->d:, l:, -1, , (false-0
    2013-10-02 09:31:16,181INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager groupNumber requested for channelSrx/g30-0x8471148 
    [2013-10-02 09:31:16,292INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager newStateEventchannel:Srx/g30-0x8471148,callerid:016094902389,calleridName:<unknown>,state:Down 
    [2013-10-02 09:31:16,292INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager ChanSrx/g30-0x8471148Down, -1, 016094902389: (->), <unknown>: (->), -1falseasterisk-1380699073.3->d:, l:, -1, , (false-0
    2013-10-02 09:31:16,293INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager newStateEventchannel:Srx/g30-0x8471148,callerid:016094902389,calleridName:<unknown>,state:Busy 
    [2013-10-02 09:31:16,293INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager ChanSrx/g30-0x8471148Busy, -1, 016094902389: (->), <unknown>: (->), -1falseasterisk-1380699073.3->d:, l:, -1, , (false-0
    2013-10-02 09:31:16,294INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager handling hangup for chanChanSrx/g30-0x8471148Busy, -1, 016094902389: (->), <unknown>: (->), -1falseasterisk-1380699073.3->d:, l:, -1, , (false-0
    Outgoing call from PBX phone clients - the remote phone ringing and possible speak, but in logs appearing <unknown>

    [2013-10-02 09:11:32,675INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager handling hangup for chanChan
    Srx/g30-0x84738a0unlinked1, 016094902389: (016094902389->A.Sorokin), <unknown>: (->), -1falseasterisk-1380697879.2->d:SIP/A.Sorokin-00000000l:SIP/A.Sorokin-000000001757A.Sorokin, (false-0
    2013-10-02 09:11:32,679INFO  de.vertico.starface.pbx.CallManager ChanSIP/A.Sorokin-00000000unlinked1A.Sorokin: (A.Sorokin->016094902389), anonymous: (->), 1757trueasterisk-1380697879.0->d:Srx/g30-0x84738a0l:Srx/g30-0x84738a0, -1, 016094902389, (false-0
    I did the delete line and created other one, but this not helping.
    Did remove user and assigning other numbers, but not helping.

    Need the suggestion what I can try and gow possible fix the problem.
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    Okey, the problem I didn't resolved, but found the solution which can fit our needs.

    1. Problem seems with Fritz!Box device which is not giving over S0 the number id, that Starface cannot recognise which line is calling, this why only the Deposit number can be reached.
    I did the test with older licensed Starface v.4.6 as well as with last updated it the same issue - the calls cannot be reached in incomming direction.
    I decided finish this S0 story.

    2. Solution: Looking over the forum found similar problems, and great solutions, which aplied well.
    The answers is here:
    and partially

    The pity case is that Support from Starface routed me first to purchase Licenses for update of our Licensed Server with older version, prio help. Ok, pure busines only.
    Thanks at least for keeping nice forum and wiki.
    Geändert von Aleksey (03.10.2013 um 15:04 Uhr)

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