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Thema: Route call to different Line or SIP Trunk

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    Standard Route call to different Line or SIP Trunk

    We have Starface appliance in the office v. 5.7. That appliance has ISDN card fully configured for outgoing calls.
    Now we are trying to connect Starface to Digium Switchvox v 5.8.2 via SIP trunk and we are experiencing minor issues at Starface side. SIP trunk was established successfully. I setup outgoing rules at Digium Switchvox and now I can make calls from phones connected to Switchvox to Starface extensions. Ploblem rises when I’m trying to dial from Starface certain extensions that are being provisioned by Switchvox. Looks like at Starface all calls are still being redirected to ISDN interface.
    How can I configure Starface so if I dial certain extensions they will be redirected to a SIP trunk and not ISDN interface?

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    You can use the cost optimized routing. At the administration menu, you will find the menu item Routing. Here you can change the Routing priority to COR and now you can add different routings rules for outgoing calls.
    For example you can add a rule for number '00' to ISDN and then you add for every Switchvox number (or the number plan) a rule with a routing to your switchvox sip trunk.

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