• Please note:
    • This is a service release. If you are not affected by the listed issues, we recommend waiting for the upcoming major release

  • Improvements
    • DTMF-Tones generated by Sirrix-cards are now louder.
    • Attention: It is no longer possible to set a separate Openfire/XMPP Domain.


  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed: In very rare circumstances, it was possible for appliances to crash due to incompatibilities between ISDN cards.
    • Fixed: It was possible for incorrect data to be written to the database when reactivating Skill Based Routing and Priority Based Routing.
    • Fixed: It was not possible to use email addresses as the username for SIP provider accounts.
    • Fixed: Fixed an issue which led to digits being deleted from dialled phone numbers from certain local area codes.
    • Fixed: Correct erroneous provider profiles which had an incorrectly configured signalling format.
    • Fixed: LEDs of Snom phones for missed calls failed to work.
    • Fixed: iQueue configuration: Skill Based Routing was not being applied until a service or server restart.
    • Fixed: Numbers which were entered in a specific format into the address book were not able to be called from the address book.
    • Fixed: DTMF tones were not being correctly transmitted for some providers.
    • Fixed: UCC Client for Windows: An error would sporadically occur while sharing files
    • Fixed: UCC Client for Windows: Group chats would sometimes not be closed properly.

  • Solved Support-Calls
    • Solved Support-Call: [] No DTMF transmission since the last update [Call#: 1040519]
    • Solved Support-Calls: [] The iQueue audio file export includes previously exported files [Call#1043514]
    • Solved Support-Calls: [] The FunctionKeyManager does not start after an update [Call#: 1055781]

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