• STARFACE PBX/General Improvements
    • New authentication mechanisms
    • Improved handling of passwords

  • Important Note
    • Please update any UCC Clients for Windows, Mac and Android as some client versions are incompatible with the new version

    Please read this before installing the update

    • Please note that the update will download a significant amount of data.
    • Should you be updating a STARFACE PRO v2 appliance, please ensure that there is at least 2.5GB of storage available.
    • We strongly recommend reducing the size of the call data record with the module "STARFACE Archivierung", as well as ensuring that fully-qualified phone numbers are used in modules.

  • UCC Clients
    • You can find the release notes for the UCC Client for Windows here.
    • You can find the release notes for the UCC Client for Mac here.


  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed: It was possible for the line configuration panel to become inaccessible in very rare circumstances [Call#1067517]
    • Fixed: It was possible for a backup import to fail due to a misconfigured line [Call#1062495]
    • Fixed: Internal calls to external numbers of users were incorrectly routed if the dialled number was an international extension [Call#1067280]
    • Fixed: Contact Headers in the register line of the sip.conf were incorrectly configured if the respective SIP line belonged to a different country [Call#1069071]

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