• Please note before installing this update
    • The update to STARFACE 6.5.1 requires up to 4 GB of free storage.
    • >We recommend reducing the size of the call data record with the module "STARFACE Archivierung", and to ensure that fully-qualified phone numbers are used in all module configurations.
    • The Firefox configuration setting "network.http.sendRefererHeader" must be set to the default value "2". Alternate settings can cause problems when working with the administration panel and the iQueue widget.
    • Before you install you should check if your provider profile has been updated on SIPCHECK.COM.

  • Improvements
    • The redial menu on Yealink telephones T19P-E2, T21P-E2, T23G, T27G, T29G, T40G, T41G, T42G, T46G, T48G no longer displays an incorrect label for function keys. [Call#1063641]

  • UCC Clients
    • You can find the release notes for the UCC Client for Windows here.
    • You can find the release notes for the UCC Client for Mac here.


  • Bugfixes
    • It was possible for the XMPP-Server to be unable to start after an update, if a great number of empty address book entries had been imported. [Call#6910619] [Call#6910171] [Call#6910089] [Call#6910354]
    • The PostgreSQL-Logs in the STARFACE Error-Report were incomplete.
    • Telephone numbers assigned via the REST API were not displayed in the web interface.
    • The settings for manual telephone profiles erroneously displayed "%nbsp
    • " in the canreinvite field.
    • It was not possible to reach the web interface if the HTTP(S) ports of the request was forwarded from a different port by the router [Call#691028] [Call#1078771]
    • The daily SIPCHECK.COM update restarted the NGN network interface(s) and stopped existing connections. [Call#6904017] [Call#6907284]
    • A simulated ringback tone was played on Yealink telephones [Call#6903479] [Call#6905586]

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