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Thema: Version Released 09/5/19

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    Standard Version Released 09/5/19


    • Highlights
      • This is a Service Release that contains several bugfixes.

    • Please note before installing this update
      • The update to STARFACE 6.7 requires up to 4 GB of free storage.
      • All STARFACE products with a release date before 30 September 2016 are transitioning to End-Of-Life status on 31 July 2019. This includes STARFACE versions 6.3 and older, as well as any anciliary products released before this date. From 1 August 2019 we will only be offering support and maintenance for STARFACE versions 6.4.0 and newer, and all anciliary products released after 30 September 2016.
      • The UCC Client for Windows will no longer support Windows 7 from 31 December 2019. From 1 January 2020, we will only be providing support and maintenance for the UCC Client for Windows if it is run on Windows 8 or newer (or the respective Windows Server version (from Windows Server 2012 or newer)).
      • We recommend reducing the size of the call data record with the module "STARFACE Archivierung", and to ensure that fully-qualified phone numbers are used in all module configurations.
      • If you are using STARFACE Connect, please check the line routing settings to ensure that it is using the highest routing priority.
      • Before you install you should check if your provider profile has been updated on SIPCHECK.COM.

    • New Features
      • Gigaset N720: Firmware updated to version 113.
      • Gigaset N510: Firmware updated to version 250.


    • Bugfixes
      • Gigaset N870: Handsets could become disconnected from the base station when new handsets were registered.
      • Gigaset N510: Base stations delivered with firmware version 248 were not fully compatible with STARFACE.
      • Lines could not be created or saved if the user name or authuser contained the "@" symbol.
      • The STARFACE could not, in some configurations, connect to SFTP services to transfer files and backups.
      • In some cases, a call could not be picked from another user. [Call#6934937] [Call#6933899][Call#6935180][Call#6934484][Call#6935179][Call#6934875][Call#6934457][Call#6934164][Call#6935473]

    • Known Issues
      • The German localization is temporarily not available for Snom D120.
      • Encryption is currently disabled on Snom D785 and D725.

    If you have issues updating to this version from, please install and run this module: https://www.starface-cdn.de/starface...%
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