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    Standard Version Released 04/20/21


    • Highlights
      • STARFACE 7 is the latest release for STARFACE telephone systems, bringing new technologies to your STARFACE PBX! Many of the underlying systems and techologies have been updated and reworked, in particular the operating system and the Asterisk SIP Server, upon which our Call-Handling logic is built. The new STARFACE 7 is vastly superior, safer and is more future-proof than any other previous version!

    • Important notes regarding this Release
      • When updating to STARFACE 7.0, please note that the update requires a minimum of 4 GB of free space.
      • STARFACE 7 is not available as a normal update. For appliances we have built a special module which performs an in-place update. Virtual installations need to be re-installed manually. See our Knowledge Base for more information.
      • STARFACE 7 is incompatible with the following EOL Appliances: Light v1, Light v2, Light v3, Pro v1, Pro v2, Enterprise v1, Enterprise v2, Advanced v1.
      • Virtualized STARFACE installations now require at least 2GB RAM.
      • We strongly recommend archiving your call lists, fax, voicemails and recorded phone calls as well as only using fully-qualified phone numbers in all modules.
      • If you are using STARFACE Connect, please check your Routing settings after the update, as these may have changed.
      • Before the installation, please check that your provider's sipcheck.com profile has been updated for STARFACE 7.
      • Older versions of the UCC and Mobile Clients are not fully compatible with STARFACE 7. Please update them together with your STARFACE PBX.
      • The STARFACE Push infrastructure for the mobile apps has been overhauled for STARFACE 7. You may need to change your Firewall settings to reflect this change. The host for the push servers has been changed and is now "push-cluster.starface.de", and the IP addresses have also changed to, und Whitelisting TCP traffic to port 443 for these hosts is required.

    • New features
      In addition to the update of fundamental system components and the introduction of many new features, the following changes have been made to the system:
      • The STARFACE UCC and Mobile Clients have been rebranded to STARFACE Apps.
      • Special phone numbers for France have been updated.
      • The root password for appliances and virtualized installations now be set in the initial configuration wizard.
      • Address book folders can now be emptied and deleted.
      • New module function "DeactivateModuleInstance" to deactivate the current module instance.
      • The last 5 days of the Asterisk system log are now included in the logfiles when they are submitted to STARFACE Support.
      • Improved error handling when the internal number area is exhausted. [Call#6913807]
      • The administration panel can now be resized.
      • The default Logging level for the autoprovisioning log is now Debug, not Trace. [Call#6956081]
      • Data protection: A user's voicemail boxes are now deleted with the user.
      • Dropbox backups larger than 150MB are now possible.
      • The DNS-tree continues to be searched even when a DNS server returns "no such name" for a request (fixes in particular an error produced by Windows Server 2012 name servers).[Call#6954541] [Call#6966855] [Call#6966926] [Call#6966402] [Call#6967083]
      • The email notification sent when the storage is close to being full now contains the directory listing sorted by size.
      • Searching for telephone numbers is now significantly faster. [Call#1078324]
      • A STARFACE server license can now be added to the system before importing a backup during the initial configuration of the system.
      • Fanvil: Do not disturb status of the logged-in user is now displayed on the telephone.
      • Yealink: Firmware update to version 85 for CP960, T41S, T42S, T46S, T48S, T53, T53W, T54W, T56A, T57W, T58A, T58A with camera and VP59.
      • Gigaset N510: Firmware update to version 258. [Call#6945489] [Call#6949826] [Call#6950198] [Call#6958371] [Call#6958993] [Call#6969532] [Call#6972955]
      • Gigaset N670/N870: Firmware update to Version 2.39.0.
      • Gigaset N670/N870: Added support for the "Integrator" role (requires additional license which can be purchased seperately from Gigaset).
      • Gigaset N720: SL800H PRO and S700H PRO handsets can now be used with Gigaset N720 DECT systems.
      • Snom: The "right" button now displays system notifications, as intended by Snom.
      • New Module: Upload of root-certificate for encrypted Active Directory/LDAPS services.
      • The distribution of internal system resources has been optimized.
      • Push for Mobile Clients: The contents of chat messages is now encrypted and sent inside the Push Notification.
      • REST: All endpoints now use 401 and 403 responses where appropriate.
      • REST: Automatic assignment of UCC-Premium and Terminal-Server permissions can now be deactivated.
      • REST: Added new endpoints /server/restart and /server/shutdown to aid with system management.
      • REST: New endpoints for configurinng the system time and timezone.
      • REST: The default permission schema can now be optionally applied when changing the user license-type (User to User-Light and vice-versa).
      • The default permission scheme can now be applied when changing the user license type (User to User Light and vice-versa).
      • Security: Added support for TLS 1.3.
      • Security: STARFACE only supports TLS 1.2 and higher.
      • Security: Disabling weak TLS 1.2 ciphers.
      • SIP INVITEs to DeutschlandLAN SIP-Trunks now contain the SIP-server name instead of its IP-Address. [Call#6958402] [Call#6958873] [Call#6961758] [Call#6963014] [Call#6961512]
      • STARFACE NEON video meetings can now be scheduled and joined from the Web interface.
      • Support of SMB3.
      • When sending log files to STARFACE Support, the settings for internal resource usage are now also sent.

    • UCC Clients
      • The release notes for STARFACE for Windows can be found here.
      • The release notes for STARFACE for macOS can be found here.


    • Bugfixes
      • Fixed: After a reboot, conference reminder emails were not sent for about 15 minutes.
      • Fixed: Allowed requests per IP raised from 500 to 1000 per 20s. [Call#6960059]
      • Fixed: CA-Certificates uploaded by the customer for encrypted AD/LDAPS were not persisted through updates and backup imports.
      • Fixed: Chat messages belonging to deleted users were only deleted from the server after 90 days. [Call#6937058]
      • Fixed: Call lists were not written directly after ending a call
      • Fixed: Call Lists showed an incorrect caller number if "call waiting" was deactivated. [Call#6934051] [Call#6939358] [Call#6911688]
      • Fixed: Chat status was displayed in the UCC Clients when the permission to set one was not assigned to the user.
      • Fixed: Change of line number in logging window was not always applied.
      • Fixed: Click2Dial was signaling iFMC number.
      • Fixed: Conference invitations: The auto-generated calendar entry did not have an end-time.
      • Fixed: Control codes are not possible on direct dial keys. [Call#6902690] [Call#1060302] [Call#6910466]
      • Fixed: Display error when expanding "Exit code" in the line area.
      • Fixed: Display error when notifying unsaved changes in groups.
      • Fixed: Display error in the web interface when trying to make a call repeatedly without a phone via BLF or speed dial.
      • Fixed: Display error for "Disconnect attachment" button in attachment group settings.
      • Fixed: Display error with diacritic characters in conference invitations. [Call#6924378]
      • Fixed: Emails were not sent if one of the recipients had an invalid email address.
      • Fixed: Error when setting the call displays.
      • Fixed: Error in signaling in system network.
      • Fixed: Error when sending fax.
      • Fixed: Error in the Mail2Fax function. [Call#1075326]
      • Fixed: Error in the phone number search in the administration panel.
      • Fixed: Faulty signaling when redirecting to a voicemail box.
      • Fixed: "grabcall" was not displayed on the telephone when picking up an incoming call.
      • Fixed: Incoming calls to a group member were not picked up via the Star-Dial *8 if the phone call was delivered directly to the user.
      • Fixed: Invalid entries in personal call list filters were not discarded.
      • Fixed: It was possible for an undeleteable call manager entry to be generated if the user attempted to join an inactive conference.
      • Fixed: It was possible for users of type "User Light" to be named as conference moderators.
      • Fixed: It was possible to assign one more UCC Premium right than was actually available.
      • Fixed: It was not possible to import users via CSV file if this file's extension was in upper-case. [Call#6959718]
      • Fixed: It was possible for a user to own a softphone despite not having the UCC-Premium permission. [Call#6931534] [Call#6939595]
      • Fixed: It was not possible to start a phone call from a UCC Client with a Mobile Client for iPhone if it was in the background (CTI).
      • Fixed: iQueue agent does not get post-processing time after grabbing.
      • Fixed: iQueue was not available if the internal and external phone numbers were identical. [Call#1067406]
      • Fixed: iQueue call list entry was missing when the call was answered with an iFMC device.
      • Fixed: iQueue evaluation could keep missed calls as answered under certain circumstances when no agent had rung.
      • Fixed: LDAP connections were not correctly closed.
      • Fixed: Licenses for UCC Premium, Terminal Server and the integration with Microsoft Teams were not active while the server license registration was not yet confirmed.
      • Fixed: License dialog remained open when trying to use an active license of another system.
      • Fixed: Logging: Auto-update when viewing logs in faded out window did not work if it was already selected before.
      • Fixed: Long lists in license management could not be scrolled.
      • Fixed: Managed conferences continued to call participants who missed the conference, even after the conference had finished.
      • Fixed: Missing upper limit for entries per page in address book.
      • Fixed: Missing error handling if a backup file was too large for uploading to Dropbox. [Call#6952044]
      • Fixed: Mobile Clients would ring if registered on multiple systems.
      • Fixed: Module function GetCallState mandatorily required a user.
      • Fixed: Navigation error when taking over function keys in the web interface.
      • Fixed: Only one redirection was displayed in the web interface.
      • Fixed: Path pass in module function UnzipFile.
      • Fixed: Phone calls were incorrectly signally when started or answered via a TAPI client.
      • Fixed: Push notifications were sent to an iPhone when the user did not have the UCC-Premium permission. [Call#6931534] [Call#6939595]
      • Fixed: Redundant STARFACE PBX sent duplicate mails. [Call#6934315] [Call#6941828]
      • Fixed: Repeating managed conferences were not removed when a user was deleted.
      • Fixed: REST: Fixed a security vulnerability in the REST API.
      • Fixed: REST: BLF could be created for non-existent user.
      • Fixed: REST: Error in the naming of address book blocks. [Call#6946313] [Call#6951806]
      • Fixed: REST: The phone type was not specified. [Call#6967376]
      • Fixed: REST: query for a non-existent mailbox returned an error.
      • Fixed: REST: Numerous bug fixes in the REST interface.
      • Fixed: Security: Active Directory settings now default to "TLS with certificate validation".
      • Fixed: SIP video codecs may not be listed first.
      • Fixed: Starface Cloud: phones are configured to use the NTP server directly. Please make sure port 123 is open for your 1st configured NTP server.
      • Fixed: Subscribers with special characters in their phone number (e.g. brackets) could not be invited to a conference. [Call#6940202]
      • Fixed: Some Swiss special phone numbers were not included. [Call#1076764]
      • Fixed: The caller id was not always updated correctly when transferring a call after consultation via the call manager in the web interface.
      • Fixed: The last digit of 5-digit phone names was unintentionally clipped.
      • Fixed: The module function SetForwardForAccount did not work.
      • Fixed: The module system no longer crashes if the class InvocationInfo was used in multithreaded situations. [Call#6932672]
      • Fixed: The name of a quick-dial key was overwritten if a user from the address book was selected.
      • Fixed: The permission "Show call forwarding targets" did not work in all cases (e.g. was not respected by the UCC Clients for administrator accounts). [Call#6927969]
      • Fixed: The pcap network trace in the administration panel "Diagnotics" could be unintentionally interrupted. [Call#6902432]
      • Fixed: The signalling number was not automatically set when adding the first external number to a user.
      • Fixed: The system update email notification only contained the external system address.
      • Fixed: The update progress appeared to stall in step 2 when the web interface was opened via HTTPS. [Call#6919729]
      • Fixed: The Web interface was not reloaded when the display language of a user was changed.
      • Fixed: Telephones: Address book entries containing diactrics (umlauts) were not searchable.
      • Fixed: A typographic error in the fax cover sheet was fixed.
      • Fixed: Update process could not be started successfully from setup dialog.
      • Fixed: Users remained logged in when their Login-ID was changed.
      • Fixed: WEB-UI and UCC behave differently with "Display chat status" permission. [Call#6935168]
      • Fixed: Yealink T57W: Power keys 28 and 29 not usable. [Call#6934302] [Call#6934206] [#6937130] [Call#6977937] [Call#6949910] [Call#6974595] [Call#6978237]
      • Fixed: Yealink: A telephone-specific redirection could be activated by pressing the "Transfer" key without an active call.
      • Fixed: Snom telephones remained unregistered after they were edited in the administration panel.
      • Fixed: Gigaset N870/N670: No error handling if an IPUI is used multiple times.
      • Fixed: Gigaset N870/N670: Accessing the address book via a handset did not work on some cloud systems.
      • Fixed: Fanvil X5/X6/X7: DND status was not updated when DND was activated via function key.
      • Fixed: Fanvil X2/X3/X4: The STARFACE Menu had excessively long loading times.
      • Fixed: Panasonic: DHCP was active after the device was autoprovisioned. [Call#6935379]
      • Fixed: Outbound calls were sometimes listed as inbound. [Call#6963063][Call#6908033][Call#6936002][Call#6935888][Call#6948959][Call#6931320]
      • Fixed: The module designer did not mark all functions with problems.
      • Fixed: An incorrect avatar was sometimes displayed after a call was picked up.
      • Fixed: A CCBS (Call Completion to Busy Subscriber) attempt was sometimes unable to be stopped.
      • Fixed: It was not possible to pick up an iQueue call if an instance of the Pre-Answer module was set up to intercept calls to the iQueue number. [Call#6902621]
      • Fixed: Call2Go called the telephone which triggered the Call2Go request.
      • Fixed: The CCBS progress bar was not displayed in the STARFACE App for Windows.
      • Fixed: Inviting a participant to an ad-hoc telephone conference would sometimes end the conference call.
      • Fixed: Die UCI method UciQueueRequests.getQueueCalls() now also returns connected iQueue calls.
      • Fixed: CallerIds set by modules were not applied to phone calls when the module instance was executed in the "on outgoing calls per used line" call stage.
      • Fixed: The parameter "Ringing Duration" was not respected when set in the module function CallPhoneNumber. [https://support.starface.de/forum/sh...ird-ignoriert]
      • Fixed: It was not possible to forward an inbound call to voicemail.
      • Fixed: The Security Advisor whitelist entry for the Cloud Reverse Proxy was sometimes removed when a phone device was deleted (only applies to STARFACE Clouds). [Call#6962969]
      • Fixed: It was not possible to answer some incoming calls on the STARFACE App for iOS.
      • Fixed: Module instances were erroneously deactivated if a hardware change was detected. [Call#6985215]
      • Fixed: Only the first ten lines were displayed in the line configuration area of the administration panel.
      • Fixed: Miscellaneous layout issues in the Web-UI were fixed.

    • Known Issues

    Earlier releases...
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