• Highlights
    • Added Support for encrypted STARFACE Connect.
    • Telekom CompanyFlex Complete Unencrypted (NGN), Telekom CompanyFlex Complete Encrypted (NGN) and Telekom CompanyFlex Pure are now supported.

  • Important notes regarding this Release
    • When updating to STARFACE 7.0, please note that the update requires a minimum of 4 GB of free space.
    • The Update from STARFACE 6 to STARFACE 7 is not available as a normal update. For appliances we have built a special module which performs an in-place update. Virtual installations need to be re-installed manually. See our Knowledge Base for more information.
    • STARFACE 7 is incompatible with the following EOL Appliances: Light v1, Light v2, Light v3, Pro v1, Pro v2, Enterprise v1, Enterprise v2, Advanced v1.
    • Virtualized STARFACE installations now require at least 2GB RAM.
    • We strongly recommend archiving your call lists, fax, voicemails and recorded phone calls as well as only using fully-qualified phone numbers in all modules.
    • If you are using STARFACE Connect, please check your Routing settings after the update, as these may have changed.
    • Before the installation, please check that your provider's siptrunk.de profile has been updated for STARFACE 7.
    • The Firefox setting '
    • network.http.sendRefererHeader
    • ' must be set to its default value "2". Other values may cause problems in the administration panel and the iQueue Widget.
    • Older versions of the UCC and Mobile Clients are not fully compatible with STARFACE 7. Please update them together with your STARFACE PBX.
    • The STARFACE Push infrastructure for the mobile apps has been overhauled for STARFACE 7. You may need to change your Firewall settings to reflect this change. The host for the push servers has been changed and is now "push-cluster.starface.de", and the IP addresses have also changed to, und Whitelisting TCP traffic to port 443 for these hosts is required.


  • Bugfixes
    The following bugs were fixed.
    • Fixed: Users of type "User Light" cannot use the address book. [Call#6989191] [Call#6988908]
    • Fixed: The Asterisk "full" log files were not deleted correctly.
    • Fixed: The system partition is created with a size of max. 50GB. [https://support.starface.de/forum/sh...DFe-nur-50-GB]
    • Fixed: Ringing of non-existent calls to mobile clients (ghost calls) when the call has already been rejected.
    • Fixed: In some cases, calls could not be transferred with Yealink phones.

  • Known Issues

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