• Important notes regarding this Release
    • When updating to STARFACE 7.0, please note that the update requires a minimum of 4 GB of free space.
    • The Update from STARFACE 6 to STARFACE 7 is not available as a normal update. For appliances we have built a special module which performs an in-place update. Virtual installations need to be re-installed manually. See our Knowledge Base for more information.
    • Virtualized STARFACE installations now require at least 2GB RAM.
    • We strongly recommend archiving your call lists, fax, voicemails and recorded phone calls as well as only using fully-qualified phone numbers in all modules.
    • If you are using STARFACE Connect, please check your Routing settings after the update, as these may have changed.
    • Before the installation, please check that your provider's siptrunk.de profile has been updated for STARFACE 7.
    • The UCI versions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 will be marked as DEPRECATED in an upcoming release and completely removed at a later date.

    New Features

    • Additional security filters have been added to prevent novel attacks.
    • Gigaset N670/N870: Firmware update to Version 2.39.1.


  • Bugfixes
    The following errata have been fixed.
    • Fixed: In some system configurations, it was possible for phone calls via encrypted SIP providers to be cancelled immediately after they were connected.
    • Fixed: In some system configurations, it was possible for phone calls which were placed on ISDN BRI telephone devices to not be dialled correctly. [Call#6992339] [Call#6993533] [Call#6993299] [Call#6993322]
    • Fixed: Apps / REST: BLFAccountID error messages were ambiguous.
    • Fixed: Open HTTP/HTTPS connections were sometimes not correctly closed.
    • Fixed: Gigaset N670/N870: Gigaset-Bases crashed on voicemail message playback. [Call#6988005] [Call#6990136]
    • Fixed: Gigaset N670/N870: It was not possible to register new Gigaset base stations.

    Known Issues

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