• Highlights
    • Yealink T46U telephone model is now supported.
    • G.722 is now used in Interconnection.
    • Firmware updates for many Yealink, Gigaset and Grandstream devices.

    Important notes regarding this Release

    • When updating to STARFACE 7.x, please note that the update requires a minimum of 4 GB of free space.
    • The Update from STARFACE 6 to STARFACE 7 is not available as a normal update. For appliances we have built a special module which performs an in-place update. Virtual installations need to be re-installed manually. See our Knowledge Base for more information.
    • The update from STARFACE 7.0 and higher to STARFACE 7.1.1 can be installed as usual as a normal update via the web interface and does not require a new installation.
    • Virtualized STARFACE installations now require at least 2GB RAM.
    • We strongly recommend archiving your call lists, fax, voicemails and recorded phone calls as well as only using fully-qualified phone numbers in all modules.
    • If you are using STARFACE Connect, please check your Routing settings after the update, as these may have changed.
    • Before the installation, please check that your provider's siptrunk.de profile has been updated for STARFACE 7.
    • Please note when purchasing new Yealink devices from the T5 series that they will likely be from a new hardware revision with a new chipset. To provision these devices, the new firmware version included in STARFACE 7.1.1 is required!
    • After the update of Yealink T5x devices to firmware version 86, these devices cannot be downgraded to v85 or lower due to a manufacturer limitation.
    • All partners wanting to use an alarmserver as Tomedo, Tenmo, etc. with Starface 7.1.x.x should note that a manual change of some name fields is required.
      Please contact our Support before activating alarmservers on a Starface.

    New Features

    • G.722 is now used in Interconnection.
    • It is now possible to track what was last done on the console and when, as the change log is time-stamped.
    • Provider A1 Telekom Austria is now supported. (According to A1 SIP Guideline V4.1)
    • The log message structure of all phone manufacturers in the Autoprovisioning log have been standardised.
    • Yealink: Yealink T46U is now supported.
    • Yealink T41S/T42S/T46S/T48S/T53/T54/T57: Update to firmware version 86
    • Gigaset N670/N870: Update to firmware version 2.42
    • Gigaset N510: Update to firmware version 259.
    • Gigaset N720: Update to firmware version 116.
    • Grandstream HT802/HT814: Update to firmware version


  • Bugfixes
    The following bugs have been fixed:
    • Fixed: Picking up a call from a group caused the call to be dropped after a few seconds. [Call#6992195] [Call#6995214] [Call#6991260] [Call#7101919] [Call#6993565]
    • Fixed: Blind transferring a group call were automatically hung up if the call wasn't picked up within 30 seconds. [Beta]
    • Fixed: Call grabbing/pickup via *8 was partially not possible. [Call#7105718] [Call#7107394]
    • Fixed: Scheduled conferences did not work via iFMC. [Call#6997605]
    • Fixed: Conferences based on an existing call haven't been displayed in the call lists. [Beta]
    • Fixed: iFMC showed unknown phone number in Interconnection. [Forum]
    • Fixed: Silence (DND) could not be deactivated in some cases. [Forum]
    • Fixed: NGN lines did not register after updating from STARFACE 6 to STARFACE 7. [Call#7102489]
    • Fixed: Call list showed accepted call also as missed. [Call#7103910]
    • Fixed: Caller ID display did not work correctly in some cases. [Call#7102666] [Call#7107177]
    • Fixed: Call durations were sometimes different between WebUI and App.
    • Fixed: iQueue: The displayed waiting time in the WebUI was sometimes shorter than displayed in the apps.
    • Fixed: iQueue: In the call list, accepted calls were sometimes displayed as missed.
    • Fixed: Gigaset N670/N870: Bases crashed when trying to record an announcement for a voicemail box. [Call#6994110]
    • Fixed: Gigaset N670/N870: Newly created, unconfigured handsets could not be deleted without prior configuration.

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