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    Dear partners and community,

    We have just entered the public beta phase for our new major release STARFACE 7.2. started.

    For this we are providing the first beta release STARFACE including the associated desktop apps.

    The release contains various new functions and improvements and fixes various bugs. Details can be found in the release notes below.

    As with all beta releases, we would like to point out that you use it at your own risk and that this version is only for testing purposes. Beta versions should not be put into productive use.

    Important note for testers of beta version

    If you want to test a beta version, you must first set up a module.

    The procedure for an update to the beta version is as follows:

    Download the beta module (DOWNLOAD HERE)

    Imports the module under Admin > Modules > Module library > Import module > Install module using uploads

    Now you can install the beta version on your STARFACE or update to the beta version

    Here you can find the current versions of our products for download:


    Windows app (.exe | .msi)

    MacOS App (.app)

    Important Notes:

    • When updating STARFACE to 7.2, please note that the free disk space should be at least 5 GB.
    • Please note that virtualized STARFACE installations require at least 2GB of memory.
    • The update from STARFACE 6 to STARFACE 7 is not available via a available update package, but requires a special module that handles the update procedure for appliances. Virtualized STARFACE installations have to be reinstalled manually. For details please refer to our knowledge base.
    • The update from STARFACE 7.0 and higher to STARFACE 7.2 can be installed as usual as a normal update via the web interface and does not require a new installation.
    • Older versions of STARFACE Apps (Windows, MacOS, Android & iOS) are not fully compatible with STRAFACE 7.2. Please update your STARFACE Apps to the respective latest version.
    • We recommend to archive the call lists, fax lists, voicemails and call recordings with the module 'STARFACE Archiving' before the update and to work with fully qualified phone numbers in all modules.
    • If you use a STARFACE Connect line, please make sure in your settings that you use the highest routing priority.
    • Before installation, please check if the profile of your provider has been updated.
    • The interface UCI v2, which is marked as deprecated, will be completely removed with STARFACE 7.2, as already announced with STARFACE 7.1.

    New Features (5):

    • SNOM M900 is now supported on STARFACE.
    • Configuration and assignment of global external signaling numbers for users.
    • New policies have been introduced for user passwords to increase security. [Call#6974558]
    • Support of NEON Freemium independent of STARFACE Connect (requires the latest client version).
    • New phone type for 'estos' added.

    Improvements: 22

    • Login IDs for new users are suggested according to a random pattern.
    • If Connect numbers are removed in the Connect service, the change is now applied in the STARFACE PBX.
    • On creation of the iQueue statistics report, copying voicemails to shares can now be disabled. [Call#6909801] [Call#6905103]
    • When copying the function keys, multiple devices can now be selected.
    • A permission can now be assigned for 'Send files'.
    • The search fields in the web UI for administration are now reset when switching pages or tabs/panels.
    • The message displayed when the installation media is still mounted is now clearer and easier to understand.
    • The following devices have been updated:
      • Snom D120: to firmware version
      • Snom D745: to firmware version
      • Snom D305/D375/D765: to firmware version
      • Snom D315/D345/D385/D712/D715/D717/D725/D735/D785: to firmware version
      • Gigaset N670/N870: to firmware version v2.44
    • The value for 'OpenFire message buffer size' will now be adapted to the system automatically. [Call#7107443] [Call#6997918] [Call#7109269]
    • Log files can now be sent individually to any e-mail address in addition to the option of sending them directly to Support.
    • The phone web UI will now no longer get closed when the admin navigates away or closes the admin area web UI.
    • The naming of the features 'Group pickup' and 'caller ID display' has been unified.
    • The CSV template file for user import is now correctly separated with the selected character (comma or semicolon).
    • The text input fields in module settings are now wider.
    • System mails now only contain the port information if it differs from the default.
    • Asterisk updated to version 16.23.0.
    • Linux operating system updated to AlmaLinux 8.5.
    • Java updated to OpenJDK 11.

    Fixed Issues: 69

    Top 5:

    • The SIP field "CallerID(name)" can be fully used again. [Call#6998101] [Call#7101773] [Call#6999474]
    • Notification emails for new voicemails are sent again if the Pre Answere module is enabled. [Call#7103619] [Call#7106114] [Call#7105888] [Call#7106779] [Call#7107078] [Call#7107659] [Call#7112234] [Call#7112935] [Call#7134089]
    • With VM installations of STARFACE, both network interfaces can now be fully used again. [Call#7104770] [Call#7111021] [Call#7104171] [Call#7116453] [Call#7126819]
    • Call2Go can be used for incoming calls to groups. [Call#6999668] [Call#7109877]
    • The update and backup process has been improved. After automatically regenerating certificates, it is now possible to create backups again. [Call#7125170] [Call#7125427] [Call#7107063]

    Administration (21):

    • The expiration date of a temporary license is now displayed.
    • The Integration Log of STARFACE has been extended and improved.
    • The error message 'This phone cannot be updated if automatic provisioning is disabled. Please contact your administrator!' is now no longer automatically hidden.
    • An error message is now no longer displayed when exiting the 'Assign User Licenses' dialog box.
    • Proxy settings are now taken into account when sending log files (and the HttpGetValue module function). [Call#6953286] [Call#1023934]
    • Uploading GIF files for avatars is no longer possible. [Call#7112607]
    • New installations of the STARFACE PBX now use the correct crypto policy.
    • An IP address listed on the whitelist can now no longer be added to the blacklist.
    • The NGN port is now displayed in the web UI in the same way as the position on the appliances.
    • When multiple administrators edit the same user, they are now prompted to reload the user when changes are made.
    • The request to change the hardware ID in license management is now handled correctly if it has expired.
    • STARFACE now prevents the import of a backup while a backup is already being imported.
    • The content of the module password field is now saved correctly when the module configuration is reopened after saving.
    • The unhooked window for the logs is completely filled again.
    • When adding licenses, an error message now appears in the popup for all mandatory fields that have not been filled in or have been filled in incorrectly.
    • The web UI now no longer freezes when the phone is removed during administration.
    • The entry in the 'Active Directory Domain' field is now validated and the user is notified if the entry was invalid.
    • If the user has not made any changes in the 'Music on hold' settings, the user will no longer be notified that there were changes that should be saved.
    • Fixed some issues in the connection settings for the LDAP address book.
    • The Compact V1 and V2 appliances are recognized again according to their type after a RAM upgrade.
    • During update and backup import, user avatars are now scaled to max. 320 pixels. [Call#6925448]

    REST–API (4):

    • GET users/{userId}/phonenumberconfig/phonenumbers/{phoneNumberId} now returns a correct 404-NotFound if the phone number does not exist.
    • When importing users as well as creating users via REST, the parent permissions must also be set to assign child permissions.
    • User import - in case of errors when setting the avatar (empty file or zero length), the correct error reason is now returned.
    • The GET /phonenumbers function now no longer returns numbers of type "Invalid" if no explicit type was specified.

    Phone Numbers (5):

    • The caller's phone number is now displayed correctly again in an iQueue interconnection.
    • The phone number and the state of the users, is now displayed correctly in the Call Manager when transferring with *2.
    • The external number selected during user creation is now set as the phone number to signal for outgoing calls.
    • The web UI of the admin area of STARFACE now closes automatically when the services or STARFACE are restarted.
    • Avatars are deleted across the plant network. [Call#6901863]

    Call Lists - Call Manager (9):

    • Calls via the 'CallPhoneNumber' module function that are forwarded to voicemail are now included in the voicemail list or the missed calls list entry.
    • For call forwarding with consultation, the caller's phone number is now displayed more reliably in the Call Manager. [Call#7103121]
    • The iQueue statistic reports scheduled for the second half of the day will now be created at the desired time.
    • Sorting of phone numbers is now alphanumeric and takes into account country and area codes (tab: Users, Groups, Phone numbers).
    • In the 'Phone numbers' tab, you can now search for the conference entry via text.
    • Incoming group calls are now automatically displayed in the call list, provided that 'Update entries automatically' is active under 'Preferences -> Windows -> Call lists'.
    • Filters with '&' in the name, now work properly in the call lists.
    • Only one call list entry is now generated for parked calls. [Call#7103112]
    • The Call Manager now accepts spaces in combination with other special characters e.g. -/() in the phone numbers. [Call#7103005]

    E-Mail (4):

    • When using external mail servers, it is now correctly indicated that a password has been saved. [Call#7115534]
    • After switching to internal mail server, it is no longer possible to edit the settings 'SMTP after POP3' and 'POP3 Server'.
    • Several email templates have been corrected and updated.
    • When resending an e-mail (missed call) from 'System status -> Reports', the sender is now displayed correctly. [Forum]

    Address Book (4):

    • Search for names with two or more digits now returns the correct result.
    • It is now possible to import files with duplicate records into the address book. [Call#6996895]
    • If multiple users are logged on to one phone, only the general folders of the address book are available for selection.
    • Speed dial Numbers from the address book can only be assigned once. [Call#7106410]

    STARFACE Apps/Clients (2):

    • For calls on hold via the STARFACE clients, the user-defined music on hold is now played.
    • If a user is using mobile apps but has no active phone/desktop apps assigned, when the push message fails to send, the call is treated as an 'Unavailable'.

    Audio and Network (1):

    • For incoming calls via NGN, all RTP streams are now transmitted correctly.

    Endgeräte (5):

    • When importing IPUIs/IPEIs, the correct IPUIs/IPEIs are imported in case of conflicts (duplicates).
    • The Gigaset N670/N870 no longer receives the login information each time an action is performed on the handset.
    • The keyboard mode on Yealink phones is now displayed correctly to the settings made on the phone.
    • The Yealink T46U now supports three EXP 43 expansion modules.
    • The function keys of the Yealink CP960 are correctly provisioned again.

    Voicemail (3):

    • The display of new voicemails on end devices is now timely. [Call#6993499] [Call#7135019]
    • When the Pre Answere module plays the announcement or music and the call is diverted to voicemail, an entry is now displayed in the voicemail list for group members.
    • If there are no new voicemails, the correct greeting 'You have no new messages' is now played.

    Function Keys (4):

    • The direct dial function keys can now also contain spaces in the destination number. [Call#7106389]
    • The name of the park and orbit buttons is now changed when the assigned park and orbit parking space is changed.
    • When the function key 'Display call number' is created, the key now receives the correct label.
    • The naming of the function key 'Activate modules' is now correct.

    STARFACE Core (3):

    • The internal processes of call management (call handling) were improved.
    • The search in the system reports has been improved.
    • The UCI function 'getRedialList()' now returns correct data.

    STARFACE Product Management

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