• Dear Support, since yesterday we are getting ocasional errors of 411.

    When we dial we get a german mail voice reply "es ist ein Fehler aufgetretten, fehler 411"

    Now I'm not sure if this is a message from the starface appliance or from the sipgate VoIP provider.

    I found some explanation on the web for the error http://books.google.com/books?id=AKDgV…equired&f=false

    but I have no idea what does that mean, and where to look for the fix.
    Yesterday we had unusually many lines open (7 I think) so I thought it is some kind of limitation, but today it happened with 4 lines open while we tried to dial the 5th.

    Pls help

  • Hi Zsolt,

    this error message is played by your provider, in STARFACE there is no such announcement. I've never seen this error message before, maybe your provider has changed something in the Proxy.
    First you can ask your provider, otherwise you can have a closer look on SIP communication with your provider (sip debug) and check if there's really a paket with a body and no content lenght specified.

    Gruß / Regards

  • Hi Phillip, I'm glad to hear you again.
    This is step forward, so the announcement comes from provider, but the reason for it should be in the starface.
    I rebooted the starface appliance, maybe that helps.
    Do you want to check the logs (I'm not sure if they can contain something which can help you now), or we wait if and when it happens again and then act?
    The trouble is that it seems it is intermittent, you try to call 5-6 times and then it suddenly works fine, once the connection is established then all is OK. So if we will have to debug live then it is a question if we will be able to reproduce it.
    It would be better if the logs can show this somehow.


  • Quote

    you try to call 5-6 times and then it suddenly works fine

    That doesn't sound to be STARFACE problem, please contact your provider.
    If you want to be sure, you can activate sip debug for your provider (you still know how?) and compare a positive call with a negative call - I don't think you will find any differences with the SIP-body and its content length.

    Gruß / Regards

  • no, I do not know how to activate debug, pls write me the command

    to sipgate support: do you know what is the best way to get support from them, at the time we were signing contract with them, I asked if we can get support and the reply was very arrogant, saying "if there are problems then check your equipment" :-), meaning I can't get any support from them. Otherwise they are reliable and good, but the support is nonexsistent.


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