Not found (404) error on Bria Iphone Client working with Starface 1.5 Iphone version

  • Hi,

    I hope that someone can help me with the following. I have the latest version of Bria Iphone client and the newest Starface client installed (1.5 version). I installed and configured the Bria client according to the instructions on the Wiki page.

    When I dial a number inside the company the call goes trough and everything works fine. When I dail an outside number manual 0 0612001200 this also works. But when I use the starface client, select a contact from the contactlist and dail then I get an error Not Found (404). I am sure it has something to do with the dail plan and having to add an 0 for making call's outside the company.

    When I use X-Lite then I don't have this problem. There is an dailplan in X-Lite, which you can't use for the Iphone version. I looked on the Counterparth support site and there they say go to the PBX software to look for an answer regarding to this problem :mad:.

    Who can help me with setting up a correct dailplan???


  • Hi Robert

    Your iPhone contactlist doesn't include the prefix "0" for outside calls.
    Please try the following Dial Plan entries in Bria:

    Name: Prefix 0
    Match Number: 0[1-9]x.
    Remove Prefix: 0
    Add Prefix 00

    Name: Prefix 00
    Match Number: 00[1-9]x.
    Remove Prefix: 00
    Add Prefix 000

    Name: Prefix +
    Match Number: +x.
    Remove Prefix: +
    Add Prefix 000

    With these settings it won't be necessary to dial your Prefix on manual calls.

    kind regards,


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