Automatic update Contacts with the MS Outlook connector1.5.11

  • Hi,

    I have a question: Does the Outlook connector updates itself automatic or do I have to push the 'Update' (in the TAB: Contact Folders) button every time go get the latest contact information synchronized?

    Is there a way to automatic update the search index without user interference (users dont want to go to a screen hit a button once in a while).


  • Is it to difficult or does nobody else have this problem?

    Try it yourself: customer changes it's mobile number: change the phone number inside your contacts: when the customer calls it doesn't recognize the number.

    Solution is then to open the Outlook connector Settings dialog (takes 45 seconds to open)and go to the tab Contact folders and hit the Update button.

    Is there a way to automate this? Must I do it manually every time a phone number changes (I have 1400 contacts over 5 contact folders and it takes more then a minute to update the call list)?

    Hope to hear from you soon...

  • The outlook connector should update the numbers automatically when the following conditions are met:

    1. The contact is not insinde an Exchange Shared Folder (exchange shared folders require STARFACE MS Exchange Connector)
    2. The contact is inside of a folder that is checked in the settings tab Contact folders
    3. The number type in question is a selected number in the settings tab phone number fields
    4. The number is edited by hand in outlook (automatic update of numbers does not work for number changes synchronized from pdas/mobile phones)

    Regarding the concern "(takes 45 seconds to open)":

    That should not be can you provide us with a log of your connector (delete log, reproduce, send log to
    If you understand German:…k_Connector#Die_Log-Datei
    Otherwise I can give you instruction where to look for the log file.

    Regards, Tilmann Kuhn

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