Starface bug in area code settings for Italy

  • Hello,
    I noticed a bug in the local area settings of Italy. We have to dial the local area code including the 0. Starface does only support (looking at the gui) a area code without 0. Further more for cell phones we don't have we don't use local area codes. When I call a mobile phone it dials also the area code in front of the number, which is wrong.

    Maybe someone from Italy has the same problem.

  • Please try with v5.1. Italy was not supported in STARFACE before this version, and even with v5.1 it is an "unofficial" feature.

    Best regards

  • Hi Roland

    First you have to download the following Module:
    Activate Beta Modul

    Import it to your STARFACE Module Library and create a Modul-Configuration.
    With this Module active on your System you can choose between Final and BETA-Versions in the Status-Menu before clicking "Search Now"


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