Version Released 01/22/13

  • [h=3]Features:[/h]

    • Significant quality improvements in the rendering of outbound faxes
    • Faxes with different page formats within one file get rotated, scaled and transmitted properly now
    • Firmware update for Gigaset N720 DECT base stations to version v67
    • Firmware update for Gigaset N510 DECT base stations to version v75
    • Firmware update for Siemens OpenStage devices to version V3R1.38.0
    • Firmware update for Snom 7xx phones to version


    • E-mail notifications of voicemails now also get sent for calls processed through modules
    • Improved reliability of the hardware watchdog in Enterprise v4/Platinum v4
    • Fix for an issue with the processing of BMP files for avatars of function keys and Picture CLIP
    • The routing now correctly takes account of state changes of the function key "Display Number"
    • Increased performance and reliability on accessing large LDAP addressbooks
    • The network telephone scan works more dependably in conjunction with Patton gateways

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