My SIP Provider is not listed – what can I do?

  • Hi Fake,

    in the case, your SIP-Provider is not available in STARFACE, you can add it manually.
    Please follow the subsequent instructions step by step to guarantee the successful application of STARFACE with your SIP-Provider.

    Within STARFACE Administration “Lines “, please click within the tab „Lines“ the PLUS-Button (Image 1) This way, you add a new line to STARFACE.

    Image 1

    Within the following field „Provider Connection“, please click on the entry “new…” at the end of the list within the drop down domain “Provider”

    Image 2

    Now, a window “New Provider” will open up. Here, all necessary parameters can be configured.
    These parameters can differ based on various providers. Therefore, you should inform yourself in advance at your personal SIP-Provider.

    Image 3

    Based on our experiences, we would like to present shortly the most important parameters, explaining the meaning of selected ones.

    • Name of the Provider: free to choose, no technical consequences
    • type: friend – with this provider you can manage incoming as well as outgoing calls
    • dtmfmode: rfc2833 - DTMF-Tones are transferred based on the standard RFC2833
    • auth mode: plaintext
    • nat: no
    • allow: alaw,ulaw
    • insecure: very
    • fromdomain: the Domain Name of your provider
    • host: the Domain Name of your provider
    • disallow:all
    • fromuser: ??????? – seven question marks, replaced with your user name by STARFACE

    Should you still experience problems despite those setting, the following parameter could help in some cases.

    • qualify: yes

    After that, please click the „Save“ Button to accept the entered values.
    Back at the window „Provider Connection”, please enter your user name and the password. (Image 4)

    Image 4

    After that, please change to the tab’s number range (Image 5) and add a new phone number by clicking the PLUS Button. (Image 6)

    Image 5

    Image 6

    NOTE: Please pay attention to the correct format of the entered phone number in regards to the selection shown within the Drop down domain „Format of Numbers“
    Example1 1: selected Format: +49 1234 5678
    Phone number to be entered: 4912345678
    Example 2: selected Format: 0049 1234 5678
    Phone number to be entered: 004912345678

    Finally, please enter a Line Name (free to choose) and click save. If the registration of the provider within STARFACE was successful, a green LED as well as the text „registered“will appear next to the performance status.

    Image 7

    Gruß / Regards

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