VM Edition : possible to extand HDD ?

  • Hello,

    I'm a new customer of the Starface VM Edition with Licence.
    I have downloaded the VM template and put it on my vmWare Infrastructure.
    It is all OK.
    But the VM as a HDD size of 60GB.
    I want to put 200GB available, so before first run, I expand the vmWare HDD size.

    But Starface VM just use the inital 60GB...

    Is it possible to expand the HDD size ?

  • Hello YBeaujean

    The underlying Centos Linux needs to expand the Partition.

    This has to be done via console (CTRL + ALT + F2) in the VM Console(Where the SF Says You may now Access the web-based...) and Log-In as the Root User, with the Password you gave him. Or via SSH-Access

    Or you create a new Virtual MAchine with a 200GB HD, reinstall the Starface there, Create a Backup on the old Starface VM (Admin Console ==> Server == >Backup) and recover it in the initial Setup of the second VM.

    Sincerly Fabian95qw

  • Hello,
    I have downloaded the VM Appliance for vmWare, so I have no root user... ?

    For the second choice, I have upload the vm Template and change to 200GB the HDD before any first start of the VM. But this change has not been ok. In the Starface stats I have only the initial 60GB

  • Hello YBeau

    In that case it won't be possible to expand the Partition without additional Tools. (Like Gparted)

    As i said it would be easier to just make a Backup, reinstall the VM with the newest .ISO, and restore the Backup afterwards.

    The Download can be found here: https://www.starface.de/de/Dow…0171201-153417_x86_64.iso

    If you're keen on using Gparted to expand the Parition you could look at this How to Increase the size of a Linux LVM by expanding the virtual machine disk

    Sincerly Fabian

  • OK thanks a lot.
    But why propose a VM template if it is not customizable ?
    The ISO installed CentOS and Starface ?

    Which is better between the ISO than the VM Template ? The VM version is only for test ?

  • Hallo Helen

    Zuerst war ich verwirrt, über deinen Beitrag, weil hier im Text zuerst stand:


    Ich pinge schon lange. Es ist besser, sich sofort dem Index zu unterwerfen

    Was aus einem anderen Thema kam.

    Aber zurück zum Thema, mit was genau benötigst du Hilfe?
    Die Installation der STARFACE auf einer VM ist selbsterklärend.

    VM erstellen
    ISO Einbinden
    Im Menü "Install System (VMware)" wählen
    Root-Passwort vergeben
    Warten bis Installation abgeschlossen ist.

    Ansonsten kannst du dich an einen STARFACE Partner in deiner Nähe wenden. Da die dazugehörige Karte aber neuerdings absolut nutzlos ist, musst du den Chat auf der STARFACE Seite benutzen.



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