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  • Greetings to everyone, I am using the 1.08 version of the SugarCRM connector. At the time of a call from SugarCRM I can speak, but can not be displayed window outgoing call within SugarCRM. Someone has had the same problem? I am using SugarCRM5.0g

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  • Does the popup show for incoming calls?

    Make sure the following requirements are met:

    o You are using SugarCRM 5.0.x
    o You are using STARFACE 3.x
    o You are using php 5.2+
    o You are using MySql
    o Php is allowed to make HTTP calls to other servers
    o The XML-RPC settings of SugarCRM Connector in administration are correct
    o The STARACE account settings in SugarCRM user configuration are correct
    o Both STARFACE an SugarCRM connector are accessible using HTTP without SSL
    o You are using the default SugarCRM Theme
    o The sidebar in SugarCRM is not hidden

    Does the problem persist having checked and corrected the above?

  • One additional point:

    Are you using the STARFACE build in plugin phone?
    There is a problem in combination of this phone together with integrations that will be fixed in the next bugfix release.

  • Hello tilmann, thank you for your reply. The server has the necessary requirements. The problem must be that I'm working with the phone-plugin. Let me recommend softphone for testing?

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