[Solved] unable to return to call in case trying to transfer to nonexsisting phone

  • This one is a bit specific and I just want to know if you are aware of it:

    We get an incoming call, this get picked up by first person.
    Now this first person wants to transfer this call to a second person.
    So the first person puts the call on hold, dials the phone of the second person, but the SIP client of the second person phone is not started so the first person gets "service unavailable".

    So far so good.

    Now the first person wants to return to the call he put on hold, but can't.
    This is the problem.

    Is this expected?


  • No, she is using eyeBeam for Mac.
    She just clicks on the second line and this puts the call on the first line automatically on hold.
    Then she wants to go back to the first line by clicking on the line 1 and eyeBeam shows she is on line 1 but nothing happens, the remote party keeps listening to the music.

  • Hi zsolt,
    this sounds like a problem with the softphone then.

    Can you please let her try to put the call on hold using our Callmanager? All she has to do is be logged into the STARFACE Webinterface and then dial with the Mac-Client as usual. She will then get the callmanager Pop-up.
    Once the call is established she can put the call on hold using the buttons in the callmanager.

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