No Area Code for Denmark

  • We do not use area codes in Denmark. Is it possible to disable the Area Code check when setting up lines. Will it be OK as regards Starface functionality as a whole.

  • You could try to use the first half of your 8 digit subscriber number as "area code", this should get you going until the next release.

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  • I have 0 as prefix. Right now i'm testing with X-Lite software phone. Shall I dail 0,xxxxxxxx?

    I'm right that the prefix is set in Configuration ->Lines-> prefix. Or?

  • Okay, I see. The prefix you have configured is not required. If you configure a prefix all dialed numbers to the PSTN with 0 (i.e. 0004972112345678). This might be the issue here. You could also disable this prefix, STARFACE will then send all numbers to the PSTN that are not locally configured.

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  • Hi, I still have problems with outbound calls. I have tried to disable prefix but it's the same.

    Just to make sure I done it right, where do I disable prefix? :)

    Hope I/we can find a solution soon, because everything els are working super, but something missing when we can't call out.

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