Version Released 12/7/21

  • Features:

    • Important release notes

      • In STARFACE 7.1.1, firmware updates for several telephone series were provided.
      • According to our customers' feedback this not only fixed bugs for Yealink devices, but also introduced new bugs.
        In close collaboration with Yealink, a new firmware has been built and integrated into STARFACE which solves these issues.
      • This release only updates the firmware for Yealink telephones.


    • Bugfixes
      . In particular following the following bugs have been fixed by Yealink:

      • Yealink: It was possible to hear participants who were placed on hold. [Forum]
      • Yealink: No audio transmission to Headsets attached via EHS adapters. [Call#7112637] [Call#7112941]
      • Yealink: Incoming phone calls could not be answered on headsets when using EHS. [Call#7112624]
      • Yealink: The display name will not scroll through anymore.

    Earlier releases...

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